Bri (darkmoonspirit) wrote in fibroinwomyn,

me and my story

I am a 31 yr old Australian woman and I have had overwhelming fatigue since I was about 17. For nearly 15 years I have been incrediblt tired, have needed afternoon naps and have had a myriad of other symptoms such as Irritiable Bowel Syndrome, Raynaud's syndrome,restless legs syndrome, various muscular aches and pains, chronic depression, anxiety and others. Every doctor I have mentioned this to has put it down to my depression or my weight (I am overweight). None of them would or could understand that I *didnt* feel depressed because my medication works and that even when I was in my healthy weight range and exercised like a fiend, that I was still exhausted and had all the other symptoms. It was only this week, yesterday in fact, that a doctor I have been seeing each week for the last few weeks has raised the possibility of fibromyalgia. I have to see a specialist physician to confirm it but after doing a lot of reading since yesterday, I am convinced that *this* is what my problem is. FINALLY I have a name for what has been going on with my body for 15 years, finally I can believe I am not a hypochrondriac, not imagining it, not totally insane.
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