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an energetic look at fibromyalgia

My dad, has high blood pressure. He has gotten more refunds,
discounts and free stuff than anyone I know. He will haggle about
the cost of an item or the quality of services rendered. He is also
not put off by taking someone to court if he feels he has been
swindled in any way. I kid with him, calling him a professional
complainer. To him, however, he sees it as kind of a hobby. What he
doesn't see, is the relationship between his actions and his high
blood pressure.

When we experience pain or discomfort, our bodies are saying to
us, "Excuse me, there is something wrong, I'm imbalanced and I want
to move back into balance." Disease on the other hand, is the bodies
way of saying, "HEY! I have something I want you to pay attention
to. I've been trying to get you to notice me for months. Now you
HAVE to take care of me."

Fibromyalgia is also a call for us to take care of our bodies; to
make changes in our lives. To support this, let me first describe
what Fibromyalgia is not when looked at energetically.

Fibromyalgia is not Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a disease that
affects the nervous system of the body. Energetically, the nerves of
someone afflicted with MS appear to be broken and flailing around
like a hose that has water running through it, but no one holding
onto it. Individuals with MS, typically feel as if they have no
control over their lives, or they are just flailing around.

Fibromyalgia is not arthritis. Arthritis energetically appears as
white particles that flow through the veins of the circulatory
system. These particles typically accumulate in the joints of
afflicted individuals - just as moss and debris collect and
accumulate in the nooks and crannies of a stream. Fibromyalgia is
commonly mistaken for arthritis. Arthritis, however, afflicts the
bodies skeletal system, while Fibromyalgia afflicts the muscular
system. Individuals that suffer from arthritis are typically hanging
onto energy that is now manifesting in the physical body.

Fibromyalgia is not Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CFS appears like
fog in the aura (the electromagnetic field around the body) and is
attached to a chakra (an energy center within the body). Individuals
with CFS typically want to disassociate with the world around them,
or are in denial of some very deep issues. These issues are
typically associated with the chakra that is afflicted.

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a disease that afflicts 7 to
10 million Americans. A person is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia if
they suffer from chronic pain in the muscular system for over three
consecutive months. Currently, there is no known cause and no proven
cure. It appears energetically as toxins in the muscular system of
the body.

Each of us normally store some toxins in the body. We have all
experienced this whenever we feel tender spots in our necks and
shoulders when someone is giving us a massage. These tender spots,
kinks or trigger points are places in the body where we hold onto
unwanted or repressed emotional energy, with toxins representing the
physical manifestation of the issue.

When we injure ourselves or activate one of our trigger points, the
nerves in the body respond by releasing a chemical called ATP. ATP
is interpreted by the brain as pain. According to Depak Chopra, the
brain can trigger the releasing of ATP merely by having a particular
kind of thought or feeling.

The bodies in FibroMyalgia sufferers are unable to process the ATP.
It is not flushed through the system through the regular metabolic
processes. As a result, the surrounding nerves are then triggered,
causing them to release ATP. This triggering continues like
dominoes, until the entire muscle group or entire body is involved.
The body is then left with this backup of toxins that are trapped in
the body until flushed through the system, thus restoring "normal

When looked at, clairvoyantly, the underlying issue I see
surrounding this disease, is that the sufferer has been the giver or
healer, so to speak, throughout their lives. They are the ones to
give away the last slice of bread at dinner even though they are
still hungry; the one to care for a sick friend or relative even if
they are running a fever; the one who will work on a project, even
though they do not support it emotionally, doing so only because
they were asked. Now while being a giver is a wonderful thing, these
individuals are being sent the message in no uncertain terms; "You
need to take care of yourself!"

There are a number of things one can do to help curtail the pain
associated with Fibromyalgia by reducing the level of toxins in the

First is Exercise. Now while adding exercise is not something many
of us look forward to, there is one key benefit it can provide.
Exercise, no matter what kind, including walking, stretching, or
riding a stationary bike causes the muscles to increase the level of
oxygen and blood that flow through the muscles. This increase in
circulation helps the body to flush the toxins that are trapped
within them. One minute of exercise a day is far better than no
exercise at all.

Massage, while not as effective as exercise, is another great way to
increase the circulation within the muscle groups. Massage is
especially good at assisting you to work on the trigger points in
the body.

Relaxation, mediation, and energetic healing such as Reiki, are a
great way in which you can release unwanted energy from the body by
breaking up some of the underlying emotional issues that keep the
toxins and trigger points in the body.

Baths. As our society speeds up, and everything needs to be done
fast, taking a nice long hot bath is quickly becoming a thing of the

Baths, however, are a great way of assisting the body to release
energy. Try adding Epsom salt, sea salt or even baking soda to your
bath water. When looked at it energetically, the water, especially
when combined with the salt or baking soda, assists the body with
releasing toxins from the skin, it relaxes the muscles, and helps to
draw the "energy," which doesn't belong to you, out of the body. It
not only feels good, it's good for you.

Take a look at what you're putting into your bodies. Are you eating
a lot of processed foods? Do you drink coffee, tea or soda? Does
your diet consist of canned and frozen foods, McDonalds and Taco
Bell? Do you smoke? What we want to do is decrease the amount of
toxins in the body, not support them.

Drink lots of water to assist in the flushing of the toxins out of
the body.

Try writing or journaling what you were eating, feeling, or doing
prior to an attack. Look for a pattern in your thoughts, feelings
and actions. Try it, I think you will be truly surprised by what you

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, imagine for a moment that your
husband, wife, child or close friend were afflicted. What would you
do or say to assist them in making these kinds of changes in their
lives? Now is your opportunity to turn all of that nurturing inward
and take care of yourself. So take care of yourself! Give yourself
permission! ¤

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