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I have been going to the gym lately and doing the water aerobics and just swimming. I have also been walking quite a bit. I went to have my first acupuncture treatment yesterday. It was at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. It is a 'no pay' clinic. I loved it! I want to go at least 2x's a week. And today I went to the chiropractor. Dang! Besides eating better most of the time I am doing good for myself. Dr. King the chiropractor said that she saw more definition in my legs which is good I guess.. She could tell that I was doing more exercises. I am happy! I get to get all the treatments that I do not disagree with. In my experiences medication and alopathic medicine is toxic to me. I use some of it but if I can try another way I would. Alopathic meds suck
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